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Washington, DC
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Servicing the DMV area, EnviRelation works to bring composting to your home and business. With us, composting is easy and affordable. Whether you are looking for composting for your business or for home, we can help. We offer you a reliable, measurable, and efficient service. 


About Us

Composting thousands of tons of organic waste for the last 7 years, and growing.

Composting food waste keeps our valuable soil and fresh water out of landfills, bringing it back to the earth where it belongs.

Operating since February 2006, EnviRelation has composted nearly 40,000 tons of food waste since its inception. We work with only the best, making sure we only use local, fully permitted and licensed composting  facilities. We do this to ensure that all your waste is composted properly with no risk of pollution.


Where You Can Find Us

EnviRelation currently services customers from an array of different industries. We provide composting for:

  • restaurants
  • caterers
  • hotels
  • markets
  • schools
  • offices
  • hospitals
  • health care facilities

We are continually expanding!


Our Mission

As a composting company, EnviRelation values sustainable practices and waste reduction. To take this one step further, we envision a future with zero waste. Zero waste means we hope to one day live in a world where we can reuse all the products and resources around us. We hope that our services will aid in the movement towards zero waste in our community. With this in mind, we send all our compost to local composting facilities rather than hauling it far away, creating more pollution and waste.