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Washington, DC
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Servicing the DMV area, EnviRelation works to bring composting to your home and business. With us, composting is easy and affordable. Whether you are looking for composting for your business or for home, we can help. We offer you a reliable, measurable, and efficient service. 


Our Service

Envirelation offers reliable and efficient service for all our clients. 

The Services We Provide

We value integrity and efficiency. We believe in reducing waste even during the collection process. That's why all our vehicles are custom-built to keep costs down. Not only are we reducing our carbon footprint, but the prices we charge you are kept as low as possible because our trucks are less costly to operate. We give you honest, low prices with no extra surcharge, giving you the power to control your expenses through our various pricing structures.

What We Compost

  • Vegetables
  • Meats 
  • Fruits
  • Dairy
  • Bones
  • Paper and wax-coated cardboard
  • Anything organic

What We DON'T Compost

  • Metal (Cans, Foil, Utensils)
  • Plastics (Bags, Saran, Bottles)
  • Anything non-organic (Glass, styrofoam, etc.)

We provide you with the proper training materials, on-site presentations, and online support materials to prepare you and your team for the most effective composting program. 

Best-In Class Reporting 

Our reporting support gives you the best data in the industry. We’ve pioneered reporting in organics and waste, and bring you more transparency than anyone else in the industry, We offer you monthly pick-up reports so you can track how much waste your location is having picked up.

Sizes & Pick-Up Frequency

Source: NY Compost


To keep your location clean and free from any odor, we pick-up your compostable waste every other day. This ensure a pleasant and sanitary environment.

We provide two types "toter" bins,  35-gallons and 65-gallons. The size and number of bins you receive will depend on the needs of your location. If you would like a free consultation, contact us.

Our Current Service Areas

  • Washington, DC

  • Baltimore County, MD

  • Prince George’s County, MD

  • Ann Arundel County, MD

  • Montgomery County, MD

  • Arlington Co., VA

  • Alexandria, VA

  • Fairfax County, VA

  • Loudon County, VA 

If your site is outside of these areas, feel free to contact us to confirm.